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ÅF lights Grand Hotel Château De Versailles

At the Palace of Versailles in France, ÅF Lighting will design the lighting for a listed building about to be turned into a luxury hotel.

​The historical building which used to house King Louis XIV’s Ministry of Finance will be turned into a luxurious hotel, where visitors can spend the night like royalty. This will be the first hotel of its kind on the palace property. ÅF Lighting will design the interior as well as the exterior lighting for the entire hotel.

- It’s a wonderfully unique but complex project. As the entire building is listed, we cannot change much of what is already there, but we will strive to make the hotel resemble the actual palace as much as possible, says ÅF Lighting’s Chief Lighting Designer Oscar Nyström.

The renovated property will house 19 exclusive hotel suites, with direct access to the royal garden, as well as a restaurant managed by famous chef Alain Ducasse, serving world class French cuisine.

For a sense of what the hotel will look like, take a tour inside the royal palace of Versailles here: