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Energy calculations

Energy calculations and simulations

Whether you are about to construct a new building, or running an existing one, you need to consider your costs as well as the environment. In this context, energy simulations are a useful tool. Using a range of calculation tools, ÅF can efficiently provide a simulation model tailored to your needs, helping you make well-founded decisions.

Often, a simple model is sufficient - for instance for providing authorities with energy calculations when building or redesigning housing.

However, we also have the competence to build complex simulation models, comprising HVAC systems, control strategies and energy consumption. Exposing these models to  heat and cold, we are able to test alternative solutions for optimal energy usage. For instance, we might investigate what type of glass facade might be most suitable for a building. We might simulate airflow and temperature in various spaces to find out what solution provides the best indoor climate.

Our energy simulations can also be used when inventing new energy efficient system solutions that meet ambitious customer goals for energy performance, and when testing control strategies to optimize function and energy usage.

In brief, we can help you avoid construction error and reduce cost. The end result is more energy efficient buildings, with a better indoor climate. 



Mikael Ahlström

Business Developer Energy Efficiency

Yang Chen

Ph. D. Energy Technology
Linda Andreasson

Linda Andreasson

Energy Efficiency, Gothenburg
Kaia Eichler

Kaia Eichler

Head of Department Sustainable Building, Gothenburg